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Instructions - Riveting


Faering Design, Instructions

1. Bore a pilot hole one drill bit size smaller than the thickness measured across the flat faces of the nail shank. The nail length should be at least the combined wood thickness plus 3/8".
2. Hammer the nail into the planks until the point emerges enough to position the rove on the nail tip, about ¼" (concave side of the rove faces the plank). Use the bucking hammer on the inner piece to absorb the shock of driving the nail.
3. While firmly holding the rove set on the rove, continue driving the nail until the rove comes into contact with the inner plank. Be careful not to drive the nail as to set the head below the plank's surface. If a helper is bucking the nail head you can drive the rove down by hammering on the rove set. In this situation the nail is driven all the way first.
4. Clip off the excess nail with the nippers positioned tight to the rove. This will leave just the proper length of nail above the rove for riveting.
5. With the bucking hammer in contact with the nail head, first strike the rove three light taps around edges of the clipped nail end with the ball end of a 3-4 oz ball peen hammer. This chases the rove a bit tighter down the shank. Don't forget your hearing protection!
6. Finally peen over the nail end with light blows forming it tight to the rove, about five to eight blows. Make sure the bucking hammer has good positive contact with the nail head (it's OK if it rebounds a bit with each blow). If you rivet too hard you risk bending the nail inside the pilot hole.

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